Pick Up the Phone

Pick up the Phone to Boost Recruiting

Making phone calls to college coaches is extremely important part of recruiting.  Recruits need to be able to effectively reach out to coaches to initiate contact and to follow up effectively.  In order to be adequately prepared for a call with a coach, there are a couple things you must do.

1   Most importantly, you need to make sure that you are enthusiastic when talking to coaches!

2   Before you have your first live call with a coach, you need to have a couple practice runs.

          Role Play with a teammate, friend, or a parent and go over the questions you are planning to ask as well as the questions coaches usually you.

          Practice leaving voicemail for coaches on your cell phone or house phone.

          Listen to your voicemails and see how you do!

3   Make sure you have a list of questions to ask the coach written down.  Also be sure to have a pen and paper ready.

4   Always have a POINT to your call.  What is the purpose of the call?  Is it to find out more about the college?  Is it to find out if the coach can come watch you play this season?  Is it to set up an official visit?  You need to have direction or you will end up fumbling through your call.

5   Be prepared to introduce yourself.  Always have a short script written out and ready to remind you of important things to say.  You should identify yourself using..

–          Your name

–          Your high school & club

–          Your state

–          Your biggest accomplishments or standout factors

6   Be prepared to answer questions a coach may ask you!  Here are some questions coaches like to ask.

What are your strengths as a player?

Answer: Do not be modest here! This is your chance to shine and tell the coach what you do best.  Be informative and honest.  Give more than one word answers.

  What are your weaknesses as a player?

Answer: Make this a short answer, but a true one

What would make you a good for my school?

Answer: Chance to show off your knowledge of your sport and academic strengths.

What kind of work-out routine do you have?

Answer: Go over camps, training, weight lifting, preparation.

What type of scholarship are you looking for?

Answer: Always let the coach know if you have other offers on the table. Bring up financial issues if they will be a determining factor in your decision-making. Be open to options and always ask about other types of aid besides athletic scholarships.

What questions do you have for me?

Answer: Always have a few questions for the coach.

What other schools are recruiting you?

Answer: THE BEST ANSWER- Schools similar to the one you are speaking with, such as in the same conference, academic level, or division. The coach wants to know if they are recruiting the right caliber of player, how much competition they have for you, and if you have taken/been offered visits and if you have offers.

7   Before you end a call, you need to always thank the coach for his/her time and inform them that you are looking forward to talking to them in the near future.

8   You will also need to follow up with the coach if you don’t hear back within the next 2 weeks. Remember that coaches are limited with calls and emails depending on the division.  DI and DII colleges are not allowed to call you until June or July before you Senior year.  They are also not allowed to email you back until Sept 1st of your Junior year.

When you actually get on the phone call, the flow of the conversation usually takes off on its own; you just have to get your jitters out beforehand! Remember that coaches are just people, like you. They want to see if you are a good fit for their program and vice versa. If you follow the steps above, you will have a great phone call with a coach.