Volleyball Club Handbook

Pure Energy Sports Juniors Volleyball Player/Parent Club Handbook


Welcome to the Pure Energy Sports Juniors Volleyball Club, a member of the Junior Division of USA Volleyball, in the Lone Star Region and also the Amateur Athletic Union(AAU).  This booklet is for our players and parents to have access to information about the club and help answer questions that may arise throughout the season.

If at any time, you need more information or have questions, please contact a club director. Either by email at pureenergysports@gmail.com or call 254-833-0759

USAVolleyball (USAV), ranks as one of the leading amateur sport bodies in the nation…innovative programming, aggressive in the pursuit of improved benefits for it athletes, and dedicated to bringing world excellence in volleyball to America. USAV is the nation’s volleyball leader. It is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the National Governing Body for the sport.

Pure Energy Sports is part of the Lone Star Region, which covers South and East Texas and AAU.

Our goal at Pure Energy Sports is to promote youth athletics in the Greater Fort Hood Texas area. Our Mission is to help young athletes become the best they can be while providing them opportunities to learn leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork and a drive for excellence in life. Our goal is to provide a quality experience at an affordable price. We also have a goal of providing a facility in the area of our own to hold practices and tournaments in.

Registration and Eligibility for 2013-2014 Season

The USAV defines age groups for training and competition. The age division breakdowns are as follows.

  • 18 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 1995 or players who were born on or after September 1, 1994 and a high school student during some part of the current academic year.
  • 17 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 1996
  • 16 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 1997
  • 15 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 1998
  • 14 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 1999
  • 13 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2000
  • 12 and Under Division: Players who were born on or after September 1, 2001


Each year,  new members must submit a copy of their birth certificates  at tryouts to ensure they are place on the appropriate team.

Organizational Structure

Pure Energy Sports is a non-profit corporation supported by a Board of Directors and managed by corporate Officers.

Board of Directors:

Pure Energy’s board consists of 7 members: John Gelsinger, Christina Gelsinger, James Lavelle, Deborah Lavelle, John Redmon, Chonita Redmon, and John Margiotti.

The board will meet quarterly to review business and issues at hand. The board will have an annual meeting to approve budgets for upcoming season.


  • John Gelsinger, President
  • James Lavelle, Vice President
  • Christina Gelsinger, Treasurer
  • Deborah Lavelle, Secretary

Coaching Staff

One of our goals at Pure Energy Sports is to provide experienced, quality coaches for our programs.  We will strive to match coaches with teams based on experience, knowledge, abilities, and personality.

All head coaches must be at least 19 years of age. All coaches will be IMPACT certified, registered with the USAV as a coach and will have a completed a background check. National team coaches will also have AAU registrations and certifications.

Time Commitment

The 2013-2014 season runs from mid-November 2013 to End of June 2014 for National Teams and Regional teams will conclude their season with the Lone Star Regionals in May. .  Practices will begin in November and tournaments in January. Players are expected to be committed to attend practices and tournaments scheduled by Pure Energy Sports. Schedules will be handed out to each participant and also available online at pureenergysports.org. Each team will have different tournament schedule.

Policy for late/missed Practices and Tournaments

Pure Energy Sports requires you to call your coach if you will be late to a practice, will miss practice, or a tournament. If you do not call your coach to explain the reason you are late or absent, you will considered  unexcused.  Unexcused absences will be treated accordingly:

  • 1st Offense = Additional conditioning at coaches discretion.
  • 2nd Offense= Missed set at next tournament
  • 3rd Offense= Missed game at next tournament and a meeting between athlete, parent, coach and a director will be scheduled.

Pure Energy Sports follows the USA VOLLEYBALL PARTICIPANT CODE OF CONDUCT for ALL participants.


  1. Violation of any anti-doping policies, protocols or procedures as defined by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB), US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Violations of this provision will be adjudicated only by USADA or the proper anti-doping authority, not USA Volleyball (USAV).
  2. Possession, consumption or distribution of alcohol and/or tobacco if illegal or in violation of USA Volleyball (USAV) or Regional Volleyball Association (RVA) policy
  3. USAV policy prohibits the possession, consumption or distribution of alcohol and/or tobacco by anyone registered as a junior volleyball player at the event venue of any USAV/RVA sanctioned junior event.
  4. Use of a recognized identification card by anyone other than the individual described on the card.
  5. Physical damage to a facility or theft of items from a room, dormitory, residence or other person. (Restitution will be part of any penalty imposed.)
  6. Possession of fireworks, ammunition, firearms, or other weapons or any item or material which by commonly accepted practices and principles would be a hazard or harmful to other persons at USAV/RVA sanctioned events.
  7. Any action considered to be an offense under Federal, State or local law ordinances.
  8. Violation of the specific policies, regulations, and/or procedures of the USAV, RVA or the facility used in conjunction with a sanctioned event. (It is the responsibility of the individual to be familiar with applicable specific policies, regulations and procedures.)
  9. Conduct which is inappropriate as determined by comparison to normally accepted behavior.
  10. Physical or verbal intimidation of any individual.
  11. Actions that will be detrimental to USAV or the RVA.


Infraction            When Occurred                Suggested Maximum Penalty **


Before or during event

After event concludes

Individual disqualified (if person is a junior, he/she will be sent home as soon as possible and parent or guardian notified). The individual may be declared ineligible for USAV registration or RVA membership for one year starting from the date of infraction.

The individual may be declared ineligible for USAV registration or RVA membership for one year starting from the date of infraction.


Before or during event

After event concludes

Individual disqualified (if person is a junior, he/she will be sent home as soon as possible and parent or guardian notified). The individual may be declared ineligible for USAV registration or RVA membership for two years starting from the date of infraction.

The individual may be declared ineligible for USAV registration or RVA membership for two years starting from the date of infraction.


Individual may be declared ineligible for USAV registration or RVA membership for the remainder of his/her lifetime.

NOTE: Major misbehavior (e.g. verbal or physical abuse of a child, sexual harassment, etc.) may subject the violator to a lifetime ineligibility for USAV registration or RVA membership after the first infraction. Penalties are only applied after affording the participant due process as required by the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act (TSOASA), USOC, RVA, and USAV. Appeals, other than for doping violations, may be made in accordance with procedures set forth in the bylaws and operating codes of USA Volleyball and the RVA as printed in the current Official USA Volleyball Guide and RVA Handbook, respectively.


In the event of an absence from a practice, please contact your coach to inform them. Unexcused absences may result in loss of play time in upcoming tournaments.  You will also be required to be on time to practices and tournaments. Please always be ready at practice 15 minutes early, to ensure you have time to put shoes/knee pads on, as arriving right at scheduled practice times will take away from time you need on the court.

The coach has the right at any time to discuss with the player/director any problems that continually occur with attendance times and missed practices.

Lack of practice attendance may affect playing times at tournaments as well as missed training time may affect the well-being of the team and the individuals own skills advancement.


Each team will play 8 tournaments each. No travel expenses are included in your participation fees, with the exception of our Elite Teams out of state tournaments.  All travel expenses are the responsibility of each family.  Time played at tournaments is earned and not always given out equally. Practice is where the girls’ learn and get better. You pay for practice and you earn tournament play time.

Tournaments are mostly on Saturdays and possibly an occasional  Sunday and last the entire day.  Some may begin at 8am and run till about 2, while others being at 3 and run till about 9.  No matter what the starting play time is, if we play the first game, you will be required to arrive 1 hour early. If we ref the first game instead of play, you will be required to be there 30-45 minutes early. Please plan travel time accordingly! Information regarding times and pool play will be posted on our website AS SOON as they become available to us. It is the responsibility of the tournament site to post all this info and it usually isn’t made available till Wednesday prior to the tournament. An email will also be sent to each player/ parent with all tournament times and locations and addresses.  Elite & National teams will have tourneys that also last 2-4 days, see schedules for more details when they are posted.

If there is a major conflict with a scheduled tournament and you absolutely cannot make it, not having a ride is not an excuse for missing a tournament, please let coach/director know AS SOON as you realize there is a scheduling problem. Pure Energy Sports if not responsible for any transportation to or from any tournaments, however, we will work with you in the event that a player is without a ride.

Financial Commitment

Each Player is required to pay a participation fee while she participates with Pure Energy. Various factors can affect the cost and there is no guaranteed there will not be an increase due to circumstances beyond our control, however, we will do everything in our powers to keep this from happening. The fees include uniforms, player gear, USAV membership fees, facility rental, cost of equipment, certifications, coaching expenses, etc.

Once you sign your player contract and pay your down payment, you are committed to the season with Pure Energy Sports. Should you quit before the season is over, you will not be entitled to any refunds of money already paid.

Beginning in October, you will receive monthly emails with payment reminders for your daughters account. After the initial down payment due ay tryouts, upon being offered a position on a team, the remainder of your balance will be divided into monthly payments.  Monthly payments are due by the 15th of each month.

Failure to complete the payment schedule as agreed upon by the player contract can render the athlete ineligible to compete with Pure Energy Sports until the balance is paid in full.  Late monthly payments can result in being ineligible to participate in tournaments that month.

Uniform and Equipment

Travel Team Uniforms are provided by Pure Energy Sports and our athletes will be required to wear (TBD) Gear at all competitions.  Uniforms provided will consist of 2 Game Jerseys, 1 pair of Spandex, 2 pair of socks,  Knee pads, 1 practice T-Shirt, 1 warm-up suit, and 1  travel bag.

Each team will have the opportunity to design their own warm up shirts for game days, if they desire. All designs must be approved by the team coach and a director. Each girl will be responsible for paying for her own shirt and prices will be determined once design is submitted to a director.

Proper care of the uniforms is each player’s responsibility. Parents are asked to review and follow the care instructions on labels to ensure they that all the gear is in the best condition possible for the season.

New for this year, each player will be issued a volleyball that they are responsible for  the entire season. They will be required to bring it to each practice and tournament. As those will be the balls used for the team.  If a ball is lost mid season and we have to replace it so the team has enough balls, there will be a $35 charge to your account to replace it.

Optional Uniform items will be available for sale:

Shoes, Sandal/Slides, warm up shorts, ankle braces, beanie hats.  These will be at a discount price from what you could purchase at a store or online.

Team Selection

Teams will be selected by Pure Energy Sports Directors and coaching staff on the date of tryouts. Each team can have a maximum number of 12 players.  Depending on the ability and ages of athletes trying out, players may be asked to play up to the next age division, which is permitted. Athletes may play up to the next age, but may not play down to a lower age division. ***** It is our goal and desire to place each girl on a travel team, however, sometimes that is just not possible due to coaching availability, practice facility time, and the number of girls trying out for a particular age group.

Lone Star Registration

Upon being placed on a team, you will be required to register with the Lone Star Region. The steps needed to do so will be posted at a later date and given out at tryouts. This information must be completed as soon as possible after team selection, in order for you to be able to practice with your team. The registration fee will be paid by the club after you have completed the online registration, so do not submit any payment on website when you register. It must all be submitted from the club at one time.

You will need to print out the documents you completed online and bring with you to your first practice.

AAU Registration –

Pure Energy  will register each Elite team member on the AAU website in order for them to be eligible to participate in our AAU events.

Insurance Coverage

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their athlete is covered by medical insurance. Volleyball is like any other sport – the risk of accidental injuries is inherent in the nature of these activities. These risks include, but are not limited to, the potential for injury, accidents or illness while traveling to and from competition sites, while participating in the various program activities, and while playing volleyball. We attempt to minimize the existing risks through use of proper sports equipment, proper facilities, and sound safety practices. Participants should realize that these risks couldn’t be eliminated.

PLEASE NOTE: Your registration includes USAV supplemental insurance coverage.


Pure Energy Sports is dedicated to keeping an open line of communication between all involved. We want the players/parents to feel comfortable with our staff and know that we are here to make this enjoyable as well as a great learning and growing experience for your daughters. This is also designed to help your daughters learn how to interact with adults and authority figures.

If there is a conflict or problem with your daughter and coach, please follow the chain we have set up for this matter. Please know that we feel very strongly that our coaches will respect our desires and treat your daughters respectfully, yet firmly regarding their performances and as a young lady and athlete. We will not accept inferior coaching and we hope that this policy will help alleviate a lot of problems in our club.

The chain of communication is as follows:  Your daughter may talk to the coach prior to or after practices. Please do not do this at tournaments, as tournaments are stressful enough and we would rather save issues for practice days.

If your daughter has already talked to the coach and issue is not resolved, please contact a club director with your issues or concerns and we will be certain to talk to the coach and try to resolve it and will get back to you with our findings.

Should the above 2 steps fail to rectify the problems, please ask a director to schedule a meeting between the player, parent, coach, and director.  We hope we should never have to do this, but if needed, please rest assured that we will.

ALSO, please be sure that if your contact info (email/phone) changes, you make sure the coach, team parent and director are aware of the changes, so you do not miss any important information.

Team Parents

Pure Energy Sports would like to have 1 parent per team to help with team bonding, to help keep communication open and to organize a food table for the tournaments. Team parents will be required to attend each tournament as they will be responsible for transporting the team table and banner.


Pure Energy Sports would like to encourage all athletes  to participate in fundraisers.

We offer club fundraisers and team fundraisers.

Club fundraisers are designed to help with overall participation fees, operating expenses of the club, scholarships, as well as our future facility building needs.  Nothing would be nicer than to raise enough money through fundraisers, sponsorships, and grants to be able to build a Pure Energy Sports Center in Harker Heights and to be able to host our own tournaments. This would also enable us to not have to travel for every tournament and also enable us to raise more money for the club itself. See fundraising page for more information.

Team Fundraisers can consist of car washes, bake sales/ soliciting at local stores, yard sales, and club spirit nights at local restaurants that give a % of their gross receipts for that night back to our club. Team fundraisers are organized by individual teams and those monies raised will be split amongst that team towards their fees. Please see fundraising page for more info.

Fee Schedules

Please see our fees and payment info by using the appropriate links on our website.

Pure Energy Sports will accept cash, check (made payable to Pure Energy Sports), Credit Cards via PayPal to email pureenergysports@gmail.com., credit cards at practices and Bill ME Later Finance Option thru Paypal.  A 3% Service fee will be added to all online payments.  ALL Payments are due by the 15th of each month, regardless of the payment form used.  Please see Payment page for more info and payment links.

Failure to submit payments by the 15th of each month, can result in no practice/no play until account is current.

ANY Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be charged a $35.00 fee to Pure Energy Sports, in addition to any fees your bank charges you. This fee will be required to be paid prior to participating in any additional practices.


Any parent wanting to volunteer in any area of the club, please contact one of the Directors. We are functioning as a nonprofit and volunteers can do wonders for us!  If anyone would like to take a score keepers class, the fee is $25. This would make enable you to sit at tourney score tables and fill in for a player if needed.

So, please if you would like to help us by volunteering, it would be greatly appreciated.

Guidelines for Being a Positive Player-Parent

  • Cheer your player on, be supportive of her, console her, but do it without judging her, the coach, officials or teammates.
  • Many things will aggravate you that do not even faze your player. Do not make something into an issue if it is not an issue.
  • Encourage your child to seek her own answers. Coaches respect players who come to them and privately question their playing time or role; it immediately indicates they want more.
  • Understand the rules of the game and the coach’s philosophy.
  • Do your physical part as a parent. Get your child to practice on time and pick them up promptly. Demonstrating responsibility and commitment can be incredibly effective, and is a good example for you daughter to follow as she grows and matures herself.
  • Positions and talent sometimes do not match up. Coaches attempt to do what’s best for the team, putting the best physical mix and best “chemistry” on the floor. That may mean that sometimes your daughter may be playing “out of position” in an attempt to strengthen the team. A positive spin by you can go a long way in helping your child adjust to a new role. Stay positive, and maybe your child will flourish.
  • If you have real concerns, and your player has attempted unsuccessfully to work things out with the coach on her own, schedule a meeting with the coach and have your child attend with you (you may not be hearing the whole story – a common occurrence). If you are trying to resolve a problem, help your player by being a role model in the problem solving procedure. Please follow our guidelines on communications.
  • Never approach a coach with complaints after a tough game.  Most coaches are highly competitive, and just like players, do not like being confronted after tough games. Please wait until next practice and follow our communication guidelines.
  • Please think before criticizing anyone connected with your player’s club or team. Criticism is contagious and often hurtful. The damage could be irreversible.
  • Visibly show that you enjoy watching your child perform; this will make him/her feel better about individual participation, no matter what the role is.

Final Words of Thought

Please focus on your daughter’s improvement, motivation, and desire.  We have hired coaches to focus on her volleyball skills and performance.  Above all be Supportive.  These young ladies need to know they are important in your lives and in ours.  Those of you that know us know we care about all your daughters and want them to be successful on and off the court.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share in your daughter’s achievements here at Pure Energy Sports.

Have fun this season and enjoy the Pure Energy Sports Juniors Volleyball Club experience with your daughter and the other club parents!